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How high the stand?

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  • How high the stand?


    Forty years ago my sister ask me to build a coffee table for her and her girlfriend who had rented an apartment, them right out of high school. I asked how high of a coffee table they wanted and they didn't know, so I reasoned a 'table' should be up off the ground high enough to get your knees under it. And went home and built their table.
    I heard later amid howls of laughter that they had hauled the coffee table across town to their apartment, up two flights of stairs and set it in their new apartment, sat down and turned on the TV. Jack, that is not a coffee table but a picnic table! We couldn't even see the TV. We had to drag the dxxxxx thing down 2 flights of stairs, load it in my Dodge Challenger and haul the thing off, across town and dump it here. Come and get it

    I still have it out on my porch and a real good table it is. But now that I am faced with building a wood fired Pizza oven wouldn't 'lower to the ground' be easier and cheaper? My Weber grille is about 14" tall. To use it and my Oklahoma Joe smoker, one must sit on a milk crate.
    Why not build the stand for the oven where one sits on ones milk crate to load and unload it as well?

    I wouldn't want use the stand for storage because sticking ones head in that 'hog hole' while on your knees is dangerous with yellow jackets, wasps, brown recluse spiders, and copperheads living over the hole.
    Build a design lower to the ground and sit down to load and unload?

    Thank you...

    J. Winters von Knife
    Sandymay and Dukedog
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    Re: How high the stand?

    Hearth height is important and pretty much an individual thing. Mine is 44 inches. Build a mock up and try it out with a peel.


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      Re: How high the stand?

      There is a good thread about this here.
      Lee B.
      DFW area, Texas, USA

      If you are thinking about building a brick oven, my advice is Here.

      I try to learn from my mistakes, and from yours when you give me a heads up.


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        Re: How high the stand?

        Stand height is completely up to you. If you wanted to use your oven while sitting in a chair, then 30" should be ok. Being that most of us will be standing while we tend to our food, usually you want something in the 42" to 48" range.
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