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Summer Kitchen building project

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  • Summer Kitchen building project

    Well, the almond trees are blooming!!

    I started the summer kitchen project now that the WF oven is up and working. I've found an old stone sink for the port side of the oven and am building an open firebrick hearth on the starboard side for grilling and rices. I disassembled a gas BBQ that will now occupy the open hearth area, but can be removed for wood fires in that corner. Both of these are separated (or will be) by a slab of counter top. The hearth corner will have firebrick on the corner walls.

    Basic european building brick construction that will be tile trimmed and stuccoed. I'll post pictures as I go.
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    Re: Summer Kitchen building project

    Growing up in what was once rural Fair Oaks near Sacramento california we had horses running down our street, peacocks in the back yard, an orange grove way down the road (must have been at least 100 meters, but to my short legs that was Really Far). Opposite the orange grove was a neighbor who had about 100 almond trees. I remember asking dad if we could go play in the snow down the street. A wonderful smell. Dad was able to catch the moment in a wonderful color slide of these almond trees loaded with blooms and a good portion blowin off in a light winds and he ground also littered with blooms.


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      Step one....set the blocks to hold everything

      Well, the first phase is done...I've put the foundation blocks in place....

      ....will need 3 or 4 people to set the stone sink...(Where the gas BBQ is now)

      next major activity is to do my firebrick hearth for BBQ & Paella, on the right.

      Almond trees....wonderful....I took a picture of Vaughn yesterday under an almond tree in the mountains...bee's were buzzing in the blossoms...she said it smelled like honey....interesting comment! (If you look carefully you can see the bee boxes way up the mountain to the right)

      sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!


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        Re: Summer Kitchen building project

        Almond trees... We have about two dozen at home, and eat them when the almonds are still green. They get annihilated by parrots when the nuts are ready, so I'm trying to convince the parents to harvest all of them in their green stage. Green almonds have amazing flavor and texture. They're like a vegetable when they're immature. I want to try pickling them. Anyone done any cooking with them?