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  • Gas burner assembly

    My township is saying I need gas burner for pizza oven unless it is more than 25ft from any combustible material ( in this case my house - 15ft) Anybody add a gas burner or have dealt with crazy building codes - yes you can have a wood burning fireplace in your house surrounded on 5 sides by combustible materials but if you move it outside then it has to be 25ft away from anything else ???

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    Added gas burner - pain in the ass. Haven't used it yet. Plan on making bread so maybe I'll use it to tune up oven temperature


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      Hello Coop, What did you use as the gas burner.. Cast?...... DIY?

      Best.... JD


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        Hello Larry

        Commercial burners come with flame detection devices so that the gas is cut off if the flame goes out. May even have an Oxygen sensor to check the atmosphere.
        Be careful with home brew systems.



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          This burner is designed for wood burning pizza ovens - it can be used by itself or not at all ( just wood). Can use natural gas or propane - just have to change gas nozzle. The burner mounts in a metal sleeve which comes up through the floor of the oven. It comes withma metal cap you put on when you are burning wood.To work it you first have to ignite the pilot flame and a thermo couple confirms pilot is indeed on - then dial up the main burner. Manufacturer also makes remote thermometers so you can mount them outside your oven - I used one to register the floor temperature and one to register dome temperature but Celsius. Google Avanzini