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LP Burner, Thermocouples and hearth insulation

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  • LP Burner, Thermocouples and hearth insulation

    Hi, I'm new to the group and am hoping for some help with my oven.
    I have poured the slab and will start the base this week.

    Q1. Is there any way to have the oven gas started/assisted? I have
    a gas line in the vicinity but can't figure out how to do it.

    Q2. Where does one get thermocouplers to measure temperature?

    Q3. How much heat loss will I suffer if I put the hearth on the base
    versus isolating it with rebar?

    Thanks for your help! I can't wait to have some pizza!!


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    1. unless you plan to bake*a lot of*bread you won't need thermocouples.*after the first few meals you'll be able to judge the cooking characteristics just by "look and feel". even with the high temps, its not as easy to burn things in the oven as you would think.

    2. my hearth rests on the base (with a slip plane of metal flashing between the two.) when the oven is sealed and no further fuel is added, i lose (very roughly) about 50 degrees farenheit per hour. (walls are at 750 when i go to bed and about 350 when i wake up). hearth on the base is much simpler than hanging the hearth with rebar.*

    3. you will love your*oven !!! you should have it finished by early spring with no problems.*

    i have some pictures of base and hearth construction at <http://www.cpsusa.com/ebay/pompeiioven.htm>www.cpsusa.com/ebay/pompeiioven.htmRob