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  • Bread & Pizza

    I am looking to mount a WFO on a trailer. I don't want to do just pizzas. I would like to do bread as well, so I am thinking of the Casa 100.

    My questions are: is this a good oven for baking breads?
    Can you beef up the insulation to help it retain heat longer?
    Will this oven work on a standard single axle (3,500 lb.)?
    Is there a better FB oven to consider?


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    Re: Bread & Pizza

    I'd be inclined to mount any oven on a small tandem trailer, single axle trailers tend to bounce around too much when travelling and are less stable when parked.
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      Re: Bread & Pizza

      Cost is my driving factor right now (no pun intended). Prices almost triple for tandem axle trailers.

      Maybe a smaller oven? or perhaps adding extra blanketing in lieu of as much vermiculite concrete on the Casa 100?

      Has anyone tried increasing blanketing to cut down on concrete?


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        Re: Bread & Pizza

        definately agree on a tandem trailer, i've built one before, its not that hard as long as your relatively good with a welder. If you were definately going down the path of the single trailer, it would be imperitive to add sufficient suspension, such as independant axle or even go as far as air suspension, but seeing as cost is preventing you from buying a tandem, i'm guessing that option is not an option.
        Weight is going to be a major factor, keep that down and add extra insulation that is light.
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          Re: Bread & Pizza

          My mobile oven sits on a single axle and when parked I place a couple of car stands under the chassis rails at the rear, then wind up the jockey wheel until the trailer is sitting on the stands and releasing some of the load off the wheels. This works pretty well. My trailer is a ute body with a fairly thin floor, so the oven sits on a trolley with six wheels to spread the load. The oven weighs around 200Kgs and suits the springs very well. For a market stall to sell pizza I would prefer if the oven were larger, however a small increase in floor area creates a massive increase in oven mass ( do the maths as area goes up by r x r whereas volume goes up by r x r x r )
          Also for a single axle, make sure your centre of gravity is a little to the drawbar from the axle centre to avoid your drawbar going skyward.
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            Re: Bread & Pizza

            Don't know anything about mobile ovens, but my Casa 110 is outstanding for bread; I would think the 100 would be great as well. However, mine is heavily insulated. It is in a brick structure which is filled with vermiculite. If you aren't able to do that, I would significantly increase the ceramic blanket that comes with the Casas. I think they provide 1"; whatever it is, I'd probably triple it if that was the only insulation. For bread, especially, insulation is huge.