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New Build On Existing Slab- NC

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  • New Build On Existing Slab- NC

    Hello WFO's

    I've been reading the forums and I feel I am well equipped to start a new corner build for a 42" oven w/ outdoor kitchen.

    I am looking for input on building on an existing patio/slab.

    The slab was poured on very hard clay, with 8" footers poured. There is approx. 6" of gravel fill below the slab. The slab was not reinforced with rebar.

    There is a pic below.

    My questions are:

    Is this sufficient for the weight of the oven?

    Should an additional foundation slab be poured atop the existing slab?

    If not, should I drill into the existing slab to set the rebar for the frame?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I will continue to post pics of my build.

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    Re: New Build On Existing Slab- NC

    I ran across your thread and was wondering if you went ahead and built on the existing slab. I'm doing the same thing and taking a chance on it carrying the load without cracking and slumping.



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      Re: New Build On Existing Slab- NC

      You don't say how thick the slab is, but it should probably be 4" thick. If you don't have any idea how thick it is, you can drill a small hole through it to test for its thickness.
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        Re: New Build On Existing Slab- NC


        I know it's at least 4 inches thick and probably more like 5 or 6. It's been here for 30 years, hasn't moved, and only has a few hairline cracks. It was the floor for a pole building which I tore down. Anyway, I already started my oven project so what will be will be. Don't even know why I posted the question.
        Thanks for the comment.



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          Re: New Build On Existing Slab- NC

          My gut reaction is that foundation will probably be more than fine.