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Refractory cement: pre-mix or not? - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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Refractory cement: pre-mix or not?

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  • Refractory cement: pre-mix or not?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm building a new WFO and wondering what people think about using the pre-made refractory cement (that runs ~$50/bag) versus using regular cement and mixing in the fireclay? Is it worth investing in the more expensive pre-made stuff?

    Liz )

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    Re: Refractory cement: pre-mix or not?

    It depends on how much your money is worth to you. I really wanted to use heatstop but it was way too expensive. I found another premixed refractory mortar for half the price but it was a fairly long drive away.

    I bought all of the materials for the homebrew right here, it was by far the cheapest, and it worked great. Although I can not tell you if it is any better or worse than any of the premixed mortars because I have never used them.

    Plenty of people on here are glad they used the homebrew, me included, and some really liked the heatstop. I think you will be good either way.

    If I was doing it over I would probably use the homebrew again.

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      Re: Refractory cement: pre-mix or not?

      Okay, thanks a lot, David! I think I will try the homebrew mix because I am also going to cut wedges to fill the angled gaps so there will actually be very little cement fill used. I think this will help with any cracking.