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    I'm planning a barrel vault oven with an old fashioned clay pot chimney on the roof behind the brick arch opening. It's going to be about 100 x 80 cm external footprint - that's about 3.5 x 2.5 feet for you yanks - with the outside clad in local rough stone and insulation poured between the firebrick vault and the rough stone. I'm planning to use fireboard on top to support some terracotta roof tiles, and to make a horizonatal registery plate on which the chimney pot will sit.

    My questions are:
    The clay chimney pot is quite big, about 30cm/1ft internal diameter and at least 60cm/2ft high. I could put an internal flue liner in to bring down the internal diameter - do you think the chimney will be so big the heat will just go up and out? Would the flue liner be worth it?
    It's very heavy and I'm not sure how to hold up the structure under the horizontal registry board. Should I aim for some kind of arch or buttress either side or do you think a lintel would be better. Can I use a piece of iron for the lintel?

    Thanks, Nicky