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Wood Smoke Release Question

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  • Wood Smoke Release Question

    We have a new commercial neighbor that is setting up a "wood fired" pizza operation that is surrounded by establish retail storefronts and some residential units. The top of this building is near street level to some surrounding neighbors. We are wondering how a typical "wood fired" pizza restaurant can handle the release of their woodsmoke to minimize the impact on such surrounding neighbors and/or the environment. Thanks in advance for your response and insights.

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    Re: Wood Smoke Release Question

    On the day of the grande opening encourage all of your neighbors to go to his pizzeria for a meal. Tell him that you are there out of concern He may or may not offer you a discount. Whether or not, buy a pizza. After savouring, I think that ya'll will not mind the aroma of the smoke .
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      Re: Wood Smoke Release Question

      Originally posted by TeeGee View Post
      minimize the impact on such surrounding neighbors
      I think your only option is to order the small vege - outside of that,
      the impact is obvious, everybody is going to gain weight.
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        Re: Wood Smoke Release Question

        Health code is going to address permissible emissions from restaurants. All restaurants produce smoke (ok, maybe not raw-food places); only the composition differs. Pizza ovens don't generate much smoke except when starting them cold (meaning that the oven hasn't been fired recently). Smoke results from incomplete combustion. By the time a pizza oven gets to operating temperatures, the combustion is very efficient and you won't see much smoke. If the oven is being used daily, there will be few cold starts (if ever). The restaurant probably will not produce any more emissions than customarily observed with "normal" restaurants.