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Using an existing Chimney

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  • Using an existing Chimney


    I am planning on installing a pre made pizza oven into my kitchen as I have just bought the house, what I am wondering is if I can use the existing chimney as a flue?
    At the minute there is an old central heating system in place which is being removed and the area is going to be my kitchen.

    Current look (soon to be removed down to bare brick) ignore the decor the room is bare now but I do not have a pic

    Click image for larger version

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    I plan to contruct a base for the oven to sit on so that I can slide the pre-made oven in.
    What type of pre made oven would be suited best and would a front prositioned flue by best to use in the origional chimney or whould I use a flue all the way to the top (10 metres).

    All advice welcome

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Using an existing Chimney

    I think it's commonly agreed that a wood fired pizza oven needs the flue at the front, in the arch, to work properly. This makes indoor installations tricky usually, requiring quite a large space to work with -- not only the depth of the oven, but also an additional vent hood on the outside with a powered vent fan (separate from the flue) to catch stray smoke, especially on startup.

    The 'front flue' itself isn't typically a problem as it doesn't need to go straight up -- many custom build WFOs angle the flue as it leaves the arch so that it goes back over the dome and leaves the roof directly over the dome or anywhere else. The same can be done with a premade oven, I would think plenty of flue pipe companies make elbows etc that could route the flue to your existing stack.


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      Re: Using an existing Chimney

      The answer to the question is no, you can't vent your oven into an existing flue , if it is used to vent another appliance, or fireplace...... if you are building to code.
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