Hi All!

I am planning to do my first build during my 1 month break from work.
I have recently purchased a new house and there is half a constructed base in the graden that I plan to bring to the correct level and then build a 900mm refactory cast dome on it.

I have sourced a suppllier for a refactory cast material for the inner layer and oven base and the one they recomend has the following composition:
SiO2: 42
AL2O3: 51
Fe2O3: 0.6
TiO2: 1.2
CaO+MgO: 4
K2O+Na2O: 0.52

So it is essentially:
1-5% Aluminium Oxide
10-20% Calcium Alluminate
80-90% Calcined Clay

Density: 2300kg/m^3
Max Service Temp: 1550 deg Celcius

What are your thoughts on this material? And what thickness do you recomend?

I have a local modified Perlite mix that has great insulating properties that I plan to use as insulation both under and around the dome .

I look forward in sharing my build with you!