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Dome insulation - is this enough?

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    Re: Dome insulation - is this enough?

    I got a whole lot of warnings about the fibres and mess created with cutting the calsil and the fibre blanket so not looking forward to that part:
    I followed Colin's lead and covered my body from head to toe including long sleeves, gloves, hat and a filtered respirator. This method proved effective at warding off the airborne-fibers as I never got itchy afterwards.

    My approach was to drape the blanket across the top of the dome (east-west) all the way down to the support slab, and make a triangle cut wherever the blanket buckled on itself. This allowed me to press the blanket flush against the dome leaving no air gaps. I butted each criss-crossed blanket segment tightly against each other. For the next layer of blanket I went horizontally in a direction perpendicular to the first criss-cross layer and so on.

    I envisioned this approach would be much more difficult with 2"-thick blanket, and was rewarded with how easy the 1" blanket was laid.