Hi all,
New to this forum, am considering building a brick wfo but am having trouble where to locate it.

In the attached picture, I was going to deck around the small outside shed, but am considering knocking this down and putting the oven here.


1. As you look at the shed, it is w.100cm (40") x d.120cm (47"). Is this a suitable footprint (I can extend a bit to the left, but not forward as it would interfere with the other shed door)?

2. The base is already very solid, if i knock the shed down how much extra foundation would this area require (can i just build it up ever so slightly to level it out)?

3. Is it safe to have it backing onto a wooden fence?

4. How much smoke might be produced from this oven (thinking of neighbours)?

**EDITED** - I have just seen from the instuction pdf that the 47" depth will allow for a corner oven, so this rules out my first question.
Any other advice/suggestions appreciated.