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Problem getting the fire going in the back

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  • Problem getting the fire going in the back


    I've made a low cost barrel style pizza oven last year and used it 3-4 times. It's rather OK, making a couple of pizza without a problem. However, I've having some issues making the fire going when after an hour or two is putt towards the back.

    I think:
    That this is because my ceiling height is to low (approx 26cm). Forcing the fresh air running along the floor to collide with the warm air in the roof going towards the opening (chimny). What do you think?

    Planned improvement and Question:
    -Add a layer of rockwool insulation (5cm) on top of (or above) a thin layer of aluminium foil. Before an extra layer of bricks on top
    - Add a pipe with holes along each side and the back (like a U). This would give fresh air towards the back?
    - Do I have to rebuild and add a extra layer of bricks before I start on the ceiling. This would make the ceiling approx 36cm ?
    - On the picture you can see that there is a concrete slab between the floor and "brick frame" under. This one i hollow, would it be a great added value to add insulation inside this "container"?
    - Should I be concerned about the cracks? I'm gonna add insulation and another layer anyway..
    - Does the hight of the chimny make any difference?

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    Re: Problem getting the fire going in the back