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Pizza oven wood to burn in NZ

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  • Pizza oven wood to burn in NZ

    I am in new Zealand and was wondering what NOT to burn in the oven as firewood. is Norfolk pine ok , is plane tree wood ok , what about starting the fire with pinecones.
    Is blue gum tree ok

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    Re: Pizza oven wood to burn in NZ

    Hey Jo9t - Just my 20c worth but I use pine cones to get things started when they are around and if you use fragrant combustables to start then by the time you get it up to temp they are long gone. Most pine woods have a lot of resin and I am not sure that I would like my food to taste like that.

    You would be safer with hardwoods, well dried eucalypt is fine so the blue gum would be good provided it is dry. I know nothing about plane tree wood. The internet may hold the answer.
    Cheers ......... Steve

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      Re: Pizza oven wood to burn in NZ

      One thing that's is world wide is shipping pallets. Made of solid oak, great for fires, and might be able to get free?


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        Re: Pizza oven wood to burn in NZ

        G'day Bubb
        This discussion has come up before. It must be great to have a supply of untreated pallet wood and a hardwood to boot .
        In Australia however a lot of the reusable pallets both hardwood and softwood are treated. The termites here are pretty fast at eating an untreated pallet especially something on the ground like a brick pallet.
        In Australia unless you can prove its untreated you just can't take the chance.
        But in saying that I have had softwood pallets that have had imported white goods ( kitchen fridges etc) and the codes on the surface of the wood indicate that they are steam treated to kill the bugs. Easy enough to goggle. Seems lots of countries are insisting on steam treated wood in imported pallets so they can be disposed of safely.
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          Re: Pizza oven wood to burn in NZ

          I use pallet wood quite a bit. I have not cooked w/it, just for general fires. I can get an unlimited supply of it and will still use it when I get my oven done. I probably will not cook w/it, but will use it to get my oven heated up. I have a very good supply of regular hardwood firewood and just use the pallet wood for kindling and starter wood and to basically stretch out my supply of the "good stuff". I pick through the pallets and never take any that appear to have any paint, grease or other visible contaminates on them (very few do) and never take them unless they are nice oak. I mainly use just the thin slats and discard the rest (nails and all) for occasional bonfires.
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            Re: Pizza oven wood to burn in NZ

            I've used pine in my oven for most of the fire but have always used a few sticks of hardwood once the final temperature is nearly reached. The open flames when cooking are coming from the hardwood. I don't believe much (any?) of the pine resin/sap remains once the oven is at full temp.

            Having said that, Norfolk Pine is wonderful wood to use on a lathe for wood turning, can't imagine burning up a piece of that here in West Virginia, lol!


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              Re: Pizza oven wood to burn in NZ

              Yellow pine is hard used for rafters in houses.
              Might be a good choice for alittle more coals
              Than the softer pines.


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                Re: Pizza oven wood to burn in NZ

                The downside with using resinous wood is the sap pops embers onto the hearth or your food. I use it for fast starting the fire and/or heat up only...when I use it at all. Then it's strictly dry hardwood.
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