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    I'm wondering where the best place to build my pizza oven would be. Place A is my initial thought as I thought it would be easier to build the oven against the wall and a corner looks nicer than Place B. It has been suggested to me than I build my oven in Place C as then we could see the oven through the glass doors while we were sitting at the table.

    I also think that Place A is better than Place C because otherwise I would have to go through the process of uplifting grass etc. and then in the future the grass would grow back and onto the oven, meaning higher maintenance. Whereas, in Places A & B, I would have to cut a section out of the concrete tiles.

    I also have to factor in the tree which is now fully grown vertically, but keeps growning outwards. This would affect Places B & C as the wall is only waist height there.

    I will do some more research but any suggestions would be a great help


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    Re: Places to Build

    Get it as close to your kitchen as you can. All other considerations pale in comparison.


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      Re: Places to Build

      Ok. Its only a few metres difference between Places A & C. But at A you can be in the kitchen and look through the windows at your pizza whereas Place C, you can only see the pizzas from the dining room (there's a wall between the dining room and kitchen and there's only one door to get through).

      Thanks for that.


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        Re: Places to Build

        Can you post pictures of the areas? That would really help.
        My build: