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Cladding over perlite Portland mix?

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  • Cladding over perlite Portland mix?

    Hello all,

    I am my applying a perlite Portland layers over my 1/2 ceramic blanket with wire over it to get more heat retention. Now do I required to do cladding over the Portland perlite layers? I figured I would do a 5 perlite to 1 Portland mix on the very last layer, my other 2 layers will be 10 to 1.
    Am I over doing it? Or possibly under doing it!

    Thank you all in advance.

    Newbie from Winnipeg.

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    Re: Cladding over perlite Portland mix?

    As a full disclaimer, I'm still building my oven and am still very new to all of this. However, I feel confident in saying perlcrete (even at 5:1) is permeable. The perlite itself also retains water. Having your perlcrete insulation dry is key to having it perform its task.


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      Re: Cladding over perlite Portland mix?

      My husband is in the process of building our 1st brick igloo pizza oven. He hopes it'll be built to last.

      After he laid the brick dome, he put cladding over it, concrete, a wire mesh topped with more concrete then small nails for wiring in the insulation later. It looked like a space ball over the weekend

      Today he began layering:
      1. Perlite held down with fiberglass mesh that was wired down all over the dome.
      2. Applied concrete
      3. wrapped the dome in fester fabric/water barrier (hoping for good results, has anyone ever tried it?)
      4. Applied the last layer of concrete

      I guess it's all about building mass to keep in the heat.

      Hope your installation is going well.


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        Re: Cladding over perlite Portland mix?

        I don't see anything that would not work there. Hope it all goes good for you. Dry and temper your oven carefully.
        Cheers ......... Steve

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