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Tall stand. How tall is too tall.

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  • Tall stand. How tall is too tall.

    My Oven stand is built off a raised paved area.
    So the floating slab to hold the oven will be 2meters high! (obviously the oven entrance will be standard height from the raised paving but the rest off the oven stand is not on the raised paving).

    I have not seen any that high in the forums in my WWWondering.

    Does anyone see any problems with increasing the height of what is the traditional 1.5 x 1.8m slab with Pressed blocks part filled supporting a formed slab?

    With 1mtr internal diameter Pompei oven on top.

    PS Cheers to all the Forno Community. Wonderful work. Cant wait to be baking bread,pizza and the dream is to cram a whole pig or lamb in.... One day lads....

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    Re: Tall stand. How tall is too tall.

    did that make no sense?

    Short story is i have a 1.6 x 1.8 foundation.
    the Heart will be 2metres 6.5-7feet higher than the foundation.

    Can i go that high with concrete blocks dry stacked and reinforced?
    or the other option is to make formwork up and poor the stand tying it into the foundation with reinforcing bars. I have not seen many concrete form stands on the site. anyone remember any?

    (ps oven entry will face raised paving so no issue with access at that height.)


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      Re: Tall stand. How tall is too tall.

      Yes you can do that with no problems (unless you are in an earthquake zone).


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        Re: Tall stand. How tall is too tall.

        I live in a sandstone basin... I think the highest we have had here is a 2. no issues with earthquakes, tornados or volcanos... (does a 5 year old boy count?)


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          Re: Tall stand. How tall is too tall.

          A prior build here shows a CMU oven stand that was probably 15-20' tall, extending from the ground up to a raised deck. If I remember correctly, the builder and his son built it in a weekend.


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            Re: Tall stand. How tall is too tall.

            WOW 15 foot is a serious stand/tower
            Despite a foot boot because I broke my ankle last weekend and the day of rain. I have kicked things off digging foundations and an agg pipe drain in readiness.
            Will have to wait till I can drive again before I pour the foundation slab and start a new build thread.

            Plenty of time to ponder my options.