Hey all, been a lurker for a while, now I've move into preliminary planning stages.

I'm in West Lafayette, IN (Go Boilers).

Frost line is 30-36" (depending on the source).

Probably building a 36" Pompeii...

Originally planned on an over/under WFO/Fireplace, but the difficulty venting the fireplace may push me back to a conventional layout especially since this is my first build.

Soil is 6-8" Topsoil on think and heavy Clay. Poorly drained, the middle of the yard will routinely have standing water after heavy rains, although near the house, the drainage is a bit better.

I don't see any frost heave on any of my patio or sidewalks (original owner had a sidewalk poured around the back of the house through the landscaping).

Patio is 18'Lx14'W as is. Plans are to extend the corner of the patio and build the oven at a 45 to the patio.

Foundation is planned as 4 holes dug 40", at the base is a 20"Wx8"D base pad, rebar up from the base pad through 12" Sonotubes up to grade. At grade level is an 8" thick pad (8' long by 6' wide). Tubes are in 10" from the side and corners.

On the main pad, 8" block up 32" to another pad (6-8") which is the base for the oven.

Is this TOO much, not enough? I will probably add a 5th tube in the center of the rear of the structure. I'm open to suggestions and criticism.

One question: Do I still need to compact 6-10" of stone below the main pad, such as done on a floating slab?

Google Sketchup is my friend...

Eventually, I can extend the pad the rest of the way and build the desired fireplace along the side of the patio as below.

Thanks all in advance!