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Super Isol vs insulating firebricks

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  • Super Isol vs insulating firebricks

    I am trying to locate a UK source of insulating boards which are comparable with the Super Isol. I wonder if anyone could provide me with more detailed spec on the SuperIsol boards/ what they consist of/ whether they are biosoluble etc. I have been speaking to a someone at Warren Insulation Specialist Boards - Warren Insulation who kindly said she would try to source something comparable if I could get some more detailed technical info about it (she mentioned a product called Unifax). She also suggested that if there was no comparable board in the UK to consider using insulating firebricks instead. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Super Isol vs insulating firebricks

    I used Insblock 19 because it was cheap ($1.00 / sq ft) and recommended.
    I may be wrong but I think super isol is the Duraboard which is carried by the source you listed.

    Here is a table I found on the net. You can get tech data sheets from the manuf listed sites.

    BOARD ---------- TYPE ------------- MAUNUF WEBSITE
    Insblock 19 (10) -- Low temp backup --- ANH hwr.com
    Kaowool M (11) -- Low density Thermal Ceramics -- thermalceramics.com
    Kaowool HS (12) -- High density - Clay based ---- thermalceramics.com
    Ceraboard (13) -- High density Thermal Ceramics -- thermalceramics.com
    Insboard 2300 HD (14) -- High density ANH ------ hwr.com
    Duraboard HD (15) -- High density Unifrax ----- unifrax.com
    Duraboard LD (16) -- Low density Unifrax ------ unifrax.com

    I found the table here. Spiral Arts

    Good luck.
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      Re: Super Isol vs insulating firebricks

      Thats reallly helpful, thanks. Will post info re the suppliers reply for the benefit of the UK contingent!