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Fire bricks

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  • Fire bricks

    I went looking for fire brick over the weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico
    found only one place that sells fire brick.

    The $1.00 brick was the split brick yellow in color.
    the next one by price, $1.25 full brick also yellow.
    then at a $1.45 a full brick but white.

    I could get any info from the guy behind the counter about the difference between the colors.

    does any one know?
    Cooking Homer, Hmmmm Pizza

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    brick color

    There are differences between fire bricks, but I don't think the color is an indicator of the rating of the brick. Brickmaking, because of the weight and low value of both the raw material and finished product, is one of the few local industries left, and the color of the bricks you can buy is result of the color of the local clay. I don't think that unless you go to a specialty kiln or furnace place, that you can get the higher rated bricks.

    For my last masonry project, I used a red fire brick from:


    This place was quite a drive away, but they had the fireplace components I wanted to use, and I bought the bricks there too. The red ones were the same prices as the yellow ones, and at the time the splits were the same price as the whole ones. I later learned that only the yellow ones were available from my local building supply.


    shows the color of the brick. You can trim the .jpg name from that address, and get a look at the whole project.

    My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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      Re: Fire bricks

      Where did you find your fire brick in ABQ?