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outer face 170F

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  • outer face 170F

    My oven makes real great 2-3minutes pizzas...super delicious...but is it okay that the outer face heats up to 170F after running 6-8 hours with 750F inside?

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    Re: outer face 170F

    My oven is not up and running yet.

    But from what I've read most ovens seem to be cool to the touch on the outside.

    What did you insulate the outside with and how much insulation did you use?

    And most importantly ..... HOW do you like those pizzas!?

    I can't wait to bake my own in my WFO!

    You may post some pics of your oven, it could help.
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      Re: outer face 170F

      Hi Dr Pizza and Dave

      yeah nothing like a great pizza in an oven you made yourself. With Pizza Hut(or whatever local cheap pizza shop) you are probably better off eating the box and throwing out the pizza

      Insulating your oven has a big effect on improving your oven efficiency. When building my oven (Redgum Roarer) I actually cured and fired it before insulating it. I was unsure which direction to head with it at the time. Its probably not the recommended way of doing it. Anyway - It was hot to touch on the outside and lost the heat quicker which made it difficult to do baking.

      After a few months I added 2 layers of thermal blanket and a layer of vermiculite + a render over the whole lot. I noticed quite a difference as it heat soaked the dome quicker, retains the heat a lot long and the outside is cool to touch (same as ambient temperature or slightly less).I can now cook 12 or so pizzas (spread over an hour), then rake out the coals and just bake 2 full batches of bread in it.....or whatever else is on the menu.
      So yes, insulating is definitely part of a good/useful oven.

      Have a look in the "Pizza Oven Design and Installation" thread:
      and the FB plans

      some very good reading around insulating

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      Build #2 (Current)


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        Re: outer face 170F

        I agree with Damon. I think this is a case of needing more insulation. If you can't find thermal blankets or vermiculite, there are other options for insulation over the dome -- including sand, salt, ash and ground glass. If you are able to find the more modern, engineered insulation, that would be great, but if you can't; you can still do a good job of insulating your oven.

        Hey, Insulfrax hadn't been invented 2,000 years ago. :-)
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          Re: outer face 170F

          I also agree that it sounds like more insulation is needed.

          In my case, I installed the granite slab counters after I had finished the dome, insulated the dome, and stuccoed the exterior. I was disappointed with the fit and finish where the counter met the side edges of the dome.

          I had some Insulfrax left over, so I wrapped the stuccoed dome and had a new layer of wire and stucco applied over this second wrap. This final layer covered the edges of the counter top and finished the installation.

          Pictures to follow of the completion of the patio and outdoor kitchen area - should be up in a week or so.

          J W


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            Re: outer face 170F

            ok,ok...i think too that insulation is the prob. But can anyone tell me why the oven makes the perfect 90 second pizza and the floor recharge very fast from underground heat. Ok, outerface dome and under the heart is about 170F after 7-8 or more running with 850F. Temperature of 800-850 is reached in 60min-90min. But fully charged with heat to make good pizza needs 3hours of running. Otherwise the temp. of the cooking floor is falling dramatically with pizza in it. And i wondering why the heat is holding very good with low flame. I just adjust the fire after 2 pizzas. So, why a lot of work and more insolation? If it why i can safe 3 pieces of wood at the end of the day?? :_0
            Or other reasons i dont know?