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  • insulation

    I see in Russell Jeavons book "Your Brick Oven" that he illustrates using, in addition to perlite, other articles such as bottles to fill up space. Has anyone else used this without problems? I have a lot of bottles I hate to throw out, and will be (I hope) doing the insulation last of this month. Thanks! Judy

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    Re: insulation

    Broken glass, and sand, were traditional insulators. They weren't very good. I wouldn't plan on replacing any insulation with them. If you want to mix your glass with portland as an aggragate for rubble fill, hey, that's great. Just be careful handling the stuff.
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      Re: insulation

      I suspect that Judy was asking about using entire bottles in areas more remote from THE FURNACE.
      Mate, bad luck has confined me to quarters for a while, so I read'n read'n read, and RUSSELL JEAVONS book was flamin inspirational!! True!( Yes, he masquarades as an Australian: not a Queenslander, so obviously a Mexican. [local nonsense.Rather parochial. Ask.]
      Tonight I layed the ninth course of base bricks, enclosing 90mm (3.7"?) of lime, cement,brickies loam, shredded wood and vermiculite. The outer areas are filled with stubbies. (Small beer bottles: same in your kitchen?). And I reckon it will be efficient.
      Time will tell.


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        Re: insulation

        Since we have too much snow to work on the oven, I haven't filled it with stubbies or anything else yet, will be glad to hear how your stubbie filled one works...and you were right about the bottles being away from the blanket insulation, just filling space. Thanks! Judy


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          Re: insulation

          Hey Jude, Snow?
          Mate, as maps go,: we're ruffly 25 S/144 E. So I suspect .......
          (Dammit, Lady. Anyone who lives more than 28 S, (or N even), has been dealt a cruel blow.)
          Judy, on a more serious note: won't be able to offer feed back re insulating properties for a while. Shall keep you in mind as cooking evolves.


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            Re: insulation

            Hello all,

            Nice thread. I have moved this to "Getting Started."
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