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Fire brick chamber on my gas bbq, help.

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  • Fire brick chamber on my gas bbq, help.

    Sorry if a post like this comes up but it seems my original post has disappeared and I don't even see it in my recent posts.

    I'm planning on using 2.25"x4"x9" fire bricks to make a left, right and back wall around my fibrement stone and 12 fire bricks held up by stainless steel angle pieces to make a roof that's 3" above my pizza. This chamber will be on my weber natural gas bbq that can achieve a stable temp of 800-850f with the lid closed and all burners cranked.

    So my sidewall fire bricks are standing on edge, 4" high, and my roof stones are laying flat, and my 5/8" fibrement stone on the grates, with a 1.5" space between the back wall and the fibrement floor, roof covers everything, so so heat is directed into the chamber and should be forced out the front cavity. My question is, once I get the stones to the point where they will radiate heat, can I go from pizza to pizza to pizza while leaving my bbq lid up?

    Right now I cook nice pizzas on the stone in 4 mins lid closed for the cook. Takes a long time to make a dozen pizzas. I'm hoping the radiant heat from the side and roof stones will drop my cook time to 2 mins. And that I'd get more cook on the tops since the chamber is only 3" in height.