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  • Mobile Pizza Oven Help

    Hey everyone,

    I see a ton of information on here and its been a big help, but as a super noob If I could get some specific answers all in one place that be great!

    Basically I am looking to start a catering company, I used to work for a pizza company out west that used Mobile Fire brick oven trailers at all the farmers markets/Caterings. Currently I have a friend willing to build the frame, while I would build the actual oven. So here are my questions...

    1. Straight up if anyone has a link to Mobile pizza oven plans please send them my way!
    2. If I just follow plans for a backyard pizza oven and throw it on a trailer, what do I have to do differently? (ie. Keep it from breaking while on the road?)
    3. Does anyone know a rough estimate of how much their pizza oven weighs?
    4. Recommendations for trailers?
    5. Any tips or things to think about before I get started!

    I know I could do some searching as I have been, but figure if I could get some direct help on this it be awesome!


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    Sorry for double post, don't know how to delete the extra one!