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Arch vs flat vent/arch

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  • Arch vs flat vent/arch

    Has anyone built an oven with a straight or flat opening? I would like to have a freestanding vent hood in front of the oven and flat works better with my home design but I don't want to sacrifice performance. I couldn't find anything in my searches, let me know if I missed a keyword...

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    Do an advance search with the key words "flat opening", I saw several builds, the biggest issue will be how the support the flat brick opening and most likely will require a metal lintel.The may cause some expansion issues between the brick and steel.
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      I've a flat entrance and yes I have a steel lintel. I have a chimney that is as wide as oven entrance so no problems with smoke escaping the chimney.
      Normally though a arch or slight arch concentrates the smoke to the middle making it easy for the chimney to capture the smoke.
      With a hood only and no entrance keep in mind the effect of the local wind. Without side protection the wind can snatch the smoke and hot gases before they get in the hood. The purpose of the entrance/ chimney is to protect the user from the effects of the smoke and hot gases
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        The very first builds had a flat opening per the plans ( we have obviously evolved ). If it is better for your design - go for it.
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