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Building on existing concrete

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  • Building on existing concrete

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have experience building the oven on an existing paved concrete surface? I'm looking to build the forno bravo next to my pool, the deck has concrete that seems to be about 4.5" thick. I live in Atlanta, so we don't get deep frost. Any thoughts on whether I can just go for it or whether I should add more concrete on top first?

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    We don't get below 20 degrees C in !North Queensland so cannot comment on frost. If the slab has not previously been affected by frosts I would just form a new slab on top of the existing slab say 4 inches thick with some reinforcing in it and go off that . The existing slab should also be sufficient


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      I agree I don't think you need to worry about frost. One question is are you going to do a enclosure or igloo? If a enclosure then are you going to do stucco or stone veneer. A igloo I don't think you need to worry. A enclosure depending on exterior finish you might be able to make it work too. Just watch what you are doing as the weight can add up fast. I think mine is in the range of 16-20,000# so you can see why you could need a new pad. Can you post pictures of your area and proposed design? Then we can more accurately give you advice.