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Gaps between pieces of FB board

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  • Gaps between pieces of FB board


    I have been lurking on these forums for well over a year, watching and learning from many of the excellent WFO builds. Waited for a long time but finally pulled the trigger. I flirted with the idea of Pompeii oven but finally went with a Forno Bravo 40" Premio.

    The Premio is sitting in my garage and installation is already underway. Foundation, stand and insulation hearth are done. There was so much rich material on this site that I was able to make progress quickly. Back breaking work to be sure but no blockers yet. Next weekend I start assembling the dome.

    I have one question that I could not find answers for in the forum. Wanted to see if some of the more experienced folks can help me out.

    The 3" FB board that comes with Premio is precut to shape of the oven (convenient). It is not a single unit and is cut into 4 pieces. When I laid them out on the insulation hearth, the FB board pieces have gaps. In one or two spots the gap is wide enough that you can see the concrete below. Would this cause non-trivial amount of heat leakage (particularly on the edges)? I plan to use fireclay to level the cooking tiles. Would packing the gaps with fire clay be sufficient insulation? If not, any suggestions or what else I could use? I am attaching a few pictures for a visual idea.

    The entire family is really excited about the oven even though my wife is skeptical. She has reason to be. I have no experience cooking with wood or even using dough to bake anything. I have never worked with bricks, cement or mortar of any kind. Woman is a saint to support me through this. She'll thank me once the pizzas and bread starts rolling out (that's what I keep telling myself ).

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    IMHO, you will be okay. The gaps are relatively small, FB's Al Si board has a thermal conductive rating of 0.0515 W/m C at 400 C and air has 0,085 W/m. If it gaps bother you can put some dry fire clay in there are well.
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      Thanks. I'll proceed by packing some fireclay in there. It will likely help with leveling in any case. Thanks for the info.


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        Why not fill it with some vermiculite will cost nothing and will insulate better than the fireclay


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          The more you mess with it, the bigger the gap will become. Completely irrelevant to the performance of the oven, get on with your build or you will end up proving your wife has better judgement than you.
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