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Making a mould for the dome.

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    Well I think the overall concept of stacking rings has worked extremely well, my own oven and a few others that I still have contact with, are all structurally sound and only have hairline cracks if any at all!
    The fist mold as featured in this thread, lasted for about 7-8 castings so yes I would change a few design features and make a new one much stronger but the concept still holds up as a very successful design.
    The second mold I made featured stepped joints more like the average cast pizza oven design, that mold was extremely time consuming to make but was also successful casting around 10 ovens before I sold my business.
    I am now retired although I am always thinking about building yet another mold, if I did it would be the stacking design but maybe with each ring in three or four pieces so they could be handled easier and even shipped in a component package.