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Starting this weekend...Looking for answers to some lingering questions

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  • Starting this weekend...Looking for answers to some lingering questions

    I'm about to start and wondering on a few items, I live in Northeast US, building 39" oven

    1. Planning on 6" thick floating foundation on 4" compacted gravel 10" below ground level. Although my patio nearby has never heaved, I'm also not concerned with slight movement of the foundation. From what I've read, if I properly reinforce with rebar/remesh etc I should be OK. I know this is a big debate so the question is: Is it valid that proper reinforcement of foundation and hearth will protect oven even if frost heaves the whole thing a bit? ( actually it is set into a hill so the back of the slab will be 3 ft under ground. the surface then slopes down so the slab at the front is ground level. There is probably an expert out there who will tell me this will cause a problem)

    2. Is 2000 degree firebrick OK for the oven floor?

    3. Is it a problem if there are different types of firebrick being used? Floor and first row one type and the rest of the dome another type?

    Thanks in advance


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    Hey Marc
    I was in same situation last year. I was leaning towards digging deep and then Village building Dept helped remove last traces of a doubt - full foundation below frost line (3.5 feed deep in my case) is a requirement. Wasn't fun but realization that things are done properly is priceless. For discussion on my situation
    Rebar or remesh will not be a factor - if its going to heave it will heave regardless of rebar.
    my answer - do it right the first time.

    I would not hesitate using 2000F rated FB if I had piles of it.

    Different bricks might expand and contract differently with heat. I would not be too worried, but that one I will let more experienced guys to answer

    Good luck, it is surely an exciting adventure you about to embark on

    My 36" -


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      Make sure the firebricks are all dense firebrick and not insulating firebrick.
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        The bricks are definitiely dense variety and feel very heavy although I have not weighed one to see what it actually is. Reminds me that I wanted to ask another question:

        I have used firebrick for the dome. (I will buy new for the floor) The edges are not very sharp but I figured with the cuts I have to make, that it will mostly clean the edges up. I'm assuming having some 'rounded' edges on the dome interior is not a big deal and that the floor is where it is critical. Correct?