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Moving oven to new house?

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  • UtahBeehiver
    There have been a couple members that have moved their ovens. One in the UK another in the US and I believe they were brick and they made the move successfully. Can't remember the links so you will have to do a search on the forum.

    Update, here is a link to the US one
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  • Laspaz
    started a topic Moving oven to new house?

    Moving oven to new house?

    Hey guys, I built this oven back in 2013 and it's been amazing.

    We have recently sold our house and will be moving about 15 minutes away to a new place. I was thinking about having a Hi-ab truck come and pick the oven up and transport it to the new property. Has anyone done this, and how did the brick work hold up?

    I do have a wooden base which should make life easier, but it still might weigh around 1500kg if I recall correctly.