I am mid build with my oven , which is a copy of Jamie Olivers brick oven apart from my dome
will be rendered ,with the chimney going back over the dome and exit vertically at the centre of the oven
my question was , as I have to support the stone mill wheel and brickwork that will sit over
the dome centre , I would need to incorporate some level of support for this , giving the weight
of the wheel and brick work this would im guessing have to be made of box section
mild steel ? Has this been done before , my only concern would be and expansion
of the steel , I did think to cover this by wrapping a little of the fire blanket on the
exterior legs of any support to give it something the expand into rather than crack any render ,
this support would be wrapped In chicken wire and rendered with the gap between render and oven being around 4
this would be where the insulation blanket and vermiculite insulation would go
I would appreciate any advice you could give me on this matter as I want to get it right first time ,

Thanks ,jimmy

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