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Arch vs Flat Iron for oven opening?

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  • Arch vs Flat Iron for oven opening?

    Okay, I've been stalking this site for quite some time now and have looked at many different builds and have noticed that most people have gone with the arch opening. The arches are beautiful and a real work of art but for my design I don't need to do an arch and a flat iron, more square approach, would fit my needs better. I have read through the plans but am still a little confused on how to best approach the flat iron opening. I was curious if anyone had some words of wisdom or some examples of this type of build they could point me too. I'm sure that there are some on this site but there are so many different builds it's hard to process all of the information before I start building mine. Thanks in advance, Zoo

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    Hey Zoo, I posted some of my thoughts about this on the other thread you revived. Do you have some specific questions or areas that you don't understand. I'm hoping my Dragonfly Den thread and comments on the revived thread (link below) are enough to get you going here.
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