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Fireclay Mortar Formula

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  • Fireclay Mortar Formula

    Your Portland cement fireclay Mortar formula has "1 part lime", is this the garden variety "lime" that I can buy at the local garden store? like Home Depot or Lowes.

    Nobody knows what this stuff is? Everybody says that it is different stuff? who knows what they are talking about?

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    Re: Fireclay Mortar Formula

    Garden lime and mason's lime are not the same thing. You want mason's lime, probably type S, although somebody more knowledgeable than I will have to chime in on that.


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      Re: Fireclay Mortar Formula

      where can I purchase mason's lime in North Carolina?
      Is it Green, is it made from limes? just kidding.


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        Re: Fireclay Mortar Formula

        A google maps search of greensboro turns up a half dozen masonry suppliers and brick yards in the area.

        Guaranteed Supply Company - for the best in building materials!

        Looks like a likely suspect from a casual glance.
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          Re: Fireclay Mortar Formula

          Wow. There is so much out there to learn.

          Mason's Lime | Type N Normal Hydrated Lime | Type S Special Hydrated Lime | Mason%27s Lime

          You are looking for Type S mason's lime -- or the basic mason's lime your supply company carries. The bags I have used said Type S.

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            Re: Fireclay Mortar Formula

            Some cement companies use hydrated & double hydrated lime as an additive when they are milling masonry cement so the lime is an integral part of the cement. There is also a product called Portland Cement and Lime (PCL) which is T-I cement and Lime milled together. The company I work for manufactures both and when I built my oven I tested both products and found the regular Type-N masonry cement to be more workable. You "might" find these products at Home Depot or Lowes and you will definitely find them at local brick and block supply stores... 2 of the 7 within 20 miles of me even carried the fireclay and firebrick.


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              Re: Fireclay Mortar Formula

              Living here in Mississippi I have found the best supplier to be your local brick yard. Here we have Old South brick and they have had anything I needed, firebrick, fireclay, type N mortar(equal parts portland cement and lime), hydrated lime(which is what many call mason's lime). I think you will have the best luck there.
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