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  • Rice husk question

    I'm planning on building an oven, but as I live in Laos it can be difficult to source everything. I have been looking at readily available materials and after a bit of searching online I noticed lots of mentions of rice husk ash. But what I'm wondering is could I just use rice husk? This website I found:

    Mentions that "insulation value of whole rice hulls is over 3.0/inch", "Rice hulls are naturally fire resistant due to the silica coating on the hulls and therefore meet fire code requirements untreated." and also a "Ratio of rice hulls to cement is between 3:1 to 4:1, so only minimal cement is needed.".

    So, could I use this in place of a cement/vermiculite mixture to form the main insulation material in my oven?

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    Does anyone have an idea about this?