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Question on the hearth / stand

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  • Question on the hearth / stand

    Hi guys,

    I'm new on this forum, but reading already a lot. I'm from Belgium and planning to build a brick pizza oven in my garden.

    I'm currently making the design of the oven (100mm). I have the thought in the back of my head that I will not live in my current house for the rest of my life. I'll probably move in the next 10 years. So I was wondering if I should make the oven "moving-proof", and how.

    I will pour a slab of 25cm. The stand of the oven will be build with hollow concrete blocks which I will pour with concrete. But then... The heart will also be concrete, but I want to avoid that it's stuck to the base.
    Any advice how I can avoid that the hearth will be stuck to the base when pouring the concrete in?
    Then again... to make it "moving-proof", should I already foresee any holes/handles so it can be easily lifted? Any advice/recommendation how to do this? How thick should the hearth be to make it moving-proof?

    Thanks for your advice!!


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    The hearth and oven itself in most cases is quite heavy. Several hundred pounds at the very least. The only way I could see having a movable hearth and oven would be to form the hearth with gaps for a forklift to be able to get under it to move it. And at that the stress of moving an object like an oven in many cases could fairly easily damage or destroy it. Your best bet would probably be to construct a stand and hearth and place a fully assembled oven on top. Then if you moved you could at least take the oven with you, which is still no small task.


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      There was a builder who did move his oven with a heavy duty fork lift so you can search the forum for it. It seems he move the hearth with the oven on top. But is was no easy task and the equipment was definitely commercial size.
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        I also recall a member moving annoven like that I belive he even moved it on a flat bed truck to a new location...I also think someone made a base that he would be able to move with a fork lift in the future.

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          Here is one I read a while back.

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