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Hearth Building concerns

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  • Hearth Building concerns

    Bulding my first oven. I have the foundation and walls up. 2X8's now up and getting pysched about pouring concrete for the hearth. I am concerned about how to control concrete pouring (by buckets) and avoiding seepage down the sides of the stand. I see 1/8-1/4" gaps between the 2X8 and the edge of the stand (block walls). Do you use duct tape? Is there some trick way of preventing oozing or run away concrete? I will be using 2x4's at 45 degrees for the middle of the 2X8's. Thanks

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    Duct tape, caulking, even masking tape will work. A thin poly, vinyl, or plastic drop clotth folded neetly in the corners to create a lner will work also. How about some pics? They will help a bunch to explain the shoring that you are describing?
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      Sorry for the huge delay Gulf. Thank you for your advice. I reduced the size of the 2x8' frame by an inch both directions and then used duct tape => Perfect, no spills. Worked great. I am very close to insulation base of cooking floor and filling with Perlite+Cement. Getting excited. Also I will start adding photos of the project. Tahnks again.