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Insulating firebrick for pizza oven

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  • Insulating firebrick for pizza oven

    Okay so I thought I got a great deal on firebricks so I went ahead and bought them turns out they are insolating firebrick I have 215 of them am I out of luck or can I use them to construct the pizza oven? I was thinking about buying some regular firebrick for the floor? Or would I be fine doing the whole thing in insolating firebrick or am I screwed and have to buy all new firebrick? hopefully someone can help me out my wife is pissed that I spent $500 and I might not be able to use them

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    I did a test by making a small oven with insulating firebricks. It works for pizza but it is sensitive to fire management. Better than a steel oven, but worse than brick oven. Mass acts as a heat buffer. Also, forget retained heat cooking with only IFB.

    You still need dense for the cooking floor.

    My next oven will be with dense firebricks, but the build with IFB was fast and fun though.

    What is their density? You may very well use them as insulation.


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      Awsome that’s good to hear I think I’m going to do some more reading and postpone the build until I can buy some real firebrick and either try to sell these or use them as insulation.
      I’m not to sure the density I tried looking online but couldn’t get a straight answer how to determine the density
      they are 9x4.5x2.5 and they weigh 818 grams
      thanks for the help by the way


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        Sounds like a good plan. Your bricks have 0.49 g/cm3. This gives about 0.13 W/mK or half the insulation capacity of CaSi-board. Stand them tall under the cooking floor and you will have very good insulation. 4" is your minimum if you are height restricted.


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          Thanks for helping me out at least when I do get the other bricks they will be well insulated haha