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Foundation Question

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  • Foundation Question

    I'm a couple of months before we move into new house and can start to build...but am learning so much and have started planning my WFO/Grill.

    Attached is model of the WFO/Grill combination I'm planning. Big question I have to start with is the foundation.

    I'm in Wisconsin, so have got to go below frost line, which I believe is four feet. Looking at other folks' builds, like "TheBadger" I see he dug a 4' trench outlining his foundation. I'd like to avoid that as I'm most likely going to have to dig by hand. Also, I'm trying to keep costs down.

    So can I dig several "post" footers and then pour 4 inch slab on them? (See other picture) There'd be gravel under it all and I'd tie it all together with rebar. Is 4 inch slab thick enough? Would I have to got 6" or 8"?

    I've no concrete or masonry knowledge, so have no clue if this would work, or be within code. I'd like your expert opinions....thanks! Craig
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    Re: Foundation Question

    Ironically, after posting this I saw list of similar threads appear at the bottom. Going through them, I came across the wise advice of RTFlorida about soil conditions being most important and to check with local inspectors and contractors. So that'll be my plan...we're moving to small town and the one building code inspector has "office" hours at the town hall/library/fire/police building. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to use a floating slab....
    "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." - Henry Ford