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VIDEO Do I need a layer of QUIKWALL after porland layer?

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  • VIDEO Do I need a layer of QUIKWALL after porland layer?

    Hi everyone, I just finished adding a scratch coat of 1:3 White Portland to Fine Sand. With a half a shovel of Type S lime in there to slow down curing.

    Im going to put a marble mosiac on top of this. Should I put another scratch coat of QUIKWALL stucco? QUIKWALL has fibers in it to stop cracking. Attached is picture.

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    Short video link here.
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    I would do so yes. I did a home brew base coat. then a scratch nd brown then a final stucco finish. I did not realize about the quickwall. I would have chose that for sure.
    I have small hairline cracks in my un sealed dome. I will seal it asap... and I'm waiting for a day where it will be above 40 and no rain.
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      Thank you!


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        The normal procedure is two or three coats of around 3-4 mm thick with 24 hrs between coats. In order to save time I do it in one coat of between 10-15mm thick with the mix enriched with AR fibreglass fibres. I always wrap the whole oven in cling wrap for a week to hold in the moisture. This considerably enhances the strength of anything that has a Portland cement base. Guys rendering houses obviously can't do this, but slow drying is mandatory if possible to hold the moisture in. Rendering should not be done on windy days or if exposed to hot sun. A wet sponge over the surface when finished will take out any tooling marks.
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