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Ash slot right under the vent

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  • Ash slot right under the vent

    Hello! Again.
    I have a question, would having the ash slot right under the vent be
    a problem ?????, I read a thread that mention this affecting the draft
    or pull of the cold air,as it enters the oven, is this so?????
    any advice is welcome,thanks.

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    Re: Ash slot right under the vent

    My advice to you is to forget about building in the ash lot! It's pretty useless unless you are building an indoor oven and you don't want to spill ashes on the floor of your home. It's really not needed. All you need to do is to let the wood burn down to ash and scoop it out with the ash shovel or if its just a small pile, leave it and build your fire over it. I've never felt that I should have built one in my oven! Others may have a different opinion but I don't miss it at all!
    Best to you on your build! Rick
    View my pictures at, Picasaweb.google.com/xharleyguy


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      Re: Ash slot right under the vent

      I don't think an ash slot under the vent will be an issue.

      I did not add one as I did not want to worry about hot coals getting into my wood storage area.

      My oven progress -