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A couple of questions about bricks

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  • A couple of questions about bricks

    Hi all,

    A workmate has given me a couple of hundred pavers (pic attached). I'm not sure what material they are made of - does anyone have an opinion on whether they would be suitable for the floor of my oven? Or even the whole dome, come to think of it?

    They seem to have small particles of stone scattered through them, and they make a clinking sound when they tap together. They have a slightly streaked texture which looks like they were either cut or extruded.

    I've already decided that firebricks are going to be out of my budget and I'm deciding between these or some old pressed reds that I have.

    My other question is about cutting the dome bricks to fit together better. If doing this, how much do you allow for mortar between each brick? Is it best to use as little as possible, or even none at all if you can cut them accurately?
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