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Sourcing the bricks

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  • Sourcing the bricks

    Hi there,

    I'm in the planning stages of building an outdoor kitchen, including a woodfired oven. In trying to keep the costs down, I have a couple of questions for the educated users here.

    1. Over here in Australia, especially in victoria, and the part of the state I'm from, we have a vast history of coal fired power stations. In the area I'm from, we have about 3 power stations. A couple of years back, I managed to get hold of a hell load of old bricks, stamped with the SEC (state electricity commission) logo. They appear to be full bricks (so there is no holes in them or anything), and are deep red in color. Not being a brick expert, I'm wondering if you could guess as to whether these bricks would be able to withstand the heat of a woodfired oven. The next part to this question is, through renovations of our home, we knocked down the old fireplace and chimney - and still have the bricks from this. I'm wondering if those would also be suitable.

    My next question will be quite a bit shorter.

    2. We have a lot of paving tiles that we lifted from an outdoor area that is now a patio. They are about 6x6 or 8x8 (haven't actually measured them) inches in width, and about 2 inches thick. Would these tiles withstand the weight of a good oven? I'd like to save the effort of pouring a slab.

    Cheers guys, and thanks for any reply,
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    Re: Sourcing the bricks

    Hi Michael
    We also have approx 100 yr old chimney bricks that we were hoping to use on our oven. They are solid and a reddish orange colour. Would be very interested in any responses you get Michael . A thought we had was to use new fire bricks for the floor and the old chimney bricks for the walls. If anyones got any ideas, would love to hear them also.
    Good luck Michael with your ventures....
    Cheers Lee


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      Re: Sourcing the bricks

      Cleefy, beware of using bricks ex chimney stacks, who knows what nastys have contaminated them. Flourocarbons? Sulphers? Metals? Check your PM's


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        Re: Sourcing the bricks

        I used to work in a Copper Smelter and thought about getting bricks from them. After a quick analytical session (I am a Chemical Engineer), the bricks were typically high in heavy metals - especially chrome (a normal component of high temp bricks.) Existance of Sulphates and other nastys are probably not there due to temps (firebox). Though others may be - just depends on where they were used (fire box vs chimney) etc.

        Confused? Stay away from the used bricks and go with virgins!

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