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Desert Sand

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  • Desert Sand

    Below is an excerpt from a website that discusses the insulation property of sand:
    "Temperatures in Namib can reach as high as 150 degrees on the surface of the sand. A fraction of an inch could mean a 30 degree temperature difference. The sand , as well as shade, act as insulators to the intense sunlight found in Namib Desert. "
    Assuming that the above is correct , can sand be used as an insulator below the hearth floor and on top of the dome (possibly in place of vermiculite)?

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    Re: Desert Sand

    No. Deep sand in the desert stays cool because it conducts the cold from below. Caves are always 50 degrees. It's not remotely an insulator.
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      Re: Desert Sand

      The problem with sand as an insulation on top is if you get cracking, sand will get onto your meal you are cooking. V'lite is much coarser.