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Questions on installing Toscana90

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  • Questions on installing Toscana90

    I am looking to either build a Casa90 or buy a Toscana90 oven. Before I decide had some questions on the Toscana. I searched forum and did not see any similar questions:

    - I would probably do the "place directly on a site-built concrete block stand," do I need to have an insulating concrete layer that the oven would sit on? Can I just build up a concrete block, with a structural layer of concrete for the oven to sit on?

    - Assuming I can find a forklift, how does the oven get set on the stand? Is there a pallet underneath? If so, how is the pallet removed?

    - Any tips on finding someone / something to place the oven (this is in the Raleigh, NC area)? Anything other than a forklift suitable for this task?


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    Re: Questions on installing Toscana90

    Hi Tim,

    James here. You don't need any insulation on your stand, as the Toscana is very well insulated. The oven is built on a metal tray and shipped in a solid wood crate with a pallet base. You can work the oven itself onto a forklift and place it on your site-built stand. It isn't simple, but a pro can do it.

    Do any of our NC members have a lead on a good company?

    As an aside, a neighbor had to replace their hot tub the other day, and it's in the back yard. They had a crane company remove the old one and place the new one -- I talked with the operator who did it all the time. It was fast and not at all expensive; and it looked really cool while they were doing it. It made me think that there are some great service providers out there.

    Tim, let me know if we can answer any other questions.

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