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I cant seem to find firebricks

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  • I cant seem to find firebricks

    I live in Boise Idaho, I have searched online for Firebricks and nothing is pulling up for me. My first question is can I simply use fireplace bricks? I think I read on here that yes I can but wanted to double check.

    Any one know of a place for the type of bricks I need thats in or around Idaho?

    I prefer to get most of my main supplies before I start, if I cant find bricks then that kinda kills the idea all together...

    If I can use fireplace bricks does anyone know if Home Depot or Lowes has them?? I searched but no luck, maybe they call them something else??

    Thanks for any help you may be able to offer!!


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    Re: I cant seem to find firebricks

    I have had a somewhat hard time finding them in and around Dallas, but ACME brick does carry them, though not always at your local ACME brick place. You local place can probably get them for you, from the nearest yard they have that stocks them, or you can start googleing and likely find some place local you can get them. Try looking for masonary supplies in your local area, and start calling them and you may well find a supplier or they will steer you towards somebody in your area that have them. With so many prefab fireplaces and prefab chimneys going into every home around here, it is getting harder to find the traditional building materials, but they are there. Probably more so in Boise than in Dallas. Sorry I can't be more specific.

    Good luck,


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      Re: I cant seem to find firebricks

      I forgot something that I should have added.

      Don't give up

      And, in general, at least down here in Texas, Lowe's and Home Depot don't carry them.

      And, from everything I have studied, you definitely should use fire brick for your hearth floor. You can use red brick for your dome, but they don't expand and contract well, and will flake over time. And they take longer and more fuel to heat up, and don't hold heat as well, which is important if you want to do more than pizzas. Since you need fire brick anyway, for the hearth floor, then go ahead and get them for the dome too, unless cost drives you to use regular solid brick.

      Just my two bits, and I am no expert, but I am studying a lot!



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        Re: I cant seem to find firebricks


        When you say fireplace bricks, I'm assuming you are refering to those which line the inside of a fireplace (the firebox) and not those that may be used around the outside (decorative) or for the chimney.
        YES, you can use the bricks that line the firebox...they are typically low duty firebricks (usually a cream color) and are PERFECT for oven construction. They are exactly what I used, and were very inexpensive (77 cents each) here in FL.
        As for Lowes and HD - neither stocks them, but will special order at a pretty high cost (I believe another member looked into ordering them and the cost was $2+ each). Refractory items are not high volume, so the big boxes won't stock them.
        Any good brickyard/mansonry supplier should have them or can get them.....the same is true for any refractory suppliers.
        Stay away from the insulating firebricks and those rated "heavy duty" (will have an alumina content in excess of 40%). The insulating will not heat up and the heavy duty absorb too much heat and get too hot.