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  • Insulation base -AUS

    Hi all from Aus

    My mate gave me a pizza oven and floor bricks/tiles (well almost a oven - see pic)
    After doing some research I know I need to cover the oven with ceramic insulation blanket then chicken wire to hold it down and render with the proper heat resistant cement etc.

    I have no place to put it permanently at the moment, so I though I would mount it on a solid wooden stand with a 15mm to 20mm (1/2" to 3/4" ) thick
    compressed fibre cement sheeting eg James Hardie product.

    I would the cement the flloor bricks/tiles with the same cement as the render finish.

    Has anyne done this ?

    Will this have sufficient insulation properties? Any help welcome



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    Re: Insulation base -AUS

    Hi Graeme and I welcome yet another Aussie to the forum.
    If we keep this up, we will take over the forum.
    Where abouts in this wonderful wide land are you located?
    I wish I had mates like yours to give away ovens which would cost a couple of thousand dollars, I would make a mobile one and maybe some pocket money.

    Be aware that the 'bricks' that you put in your base or hearth are heat absorbers and not insulating.
    You might consider mounting it on a moveable base rather than try to find a permanent location for it, but it will need to be fairly substantial to carry the weight and the vibration when moving it.
    By all means, use your compressed cement sheet for the base but reinforce it, then put 3" (75mmto us metricated builders) vermiculite cement and then lay your firebricks or fired clay bricks/pavers if preferred on top of this. Then you can put your oven dome and chimney void on top of that. You the use eithe a ceramic blanket and or more vermiculite cement insulation over that. All that is then required is to waterproof it with either a render or cover built over it but you then lose the dome look.
    There is a host of information within the forum, do a little more reading and include a search for specific details.
    You might also like to read my build which covers all these points but it is a brick Pompeii rather than a prefabricated oven.


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      Re: Insulation base -AUS

      Hi Graeme and welcome.
      Oh you are so lucky .... you should give your friend a big kiss ...lol
      Cheers Lee