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Used fire brick

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  • Used fire brick

    I have found a source kinda of local for used firebrick at .20 a piece. They are from an old boiler heating unit. Some of them still have some morter on them and there are some dinged corners but most have a good face to work with. I picked 250 earlier this week. Is there a problem that you can think of when recycling bricks? Or did I just pick up some fill? If they are ok to use I will post the info to get in contact with the folks for anyone else to get some.

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    Re: Used fire brick


    Good job on getting the used brick.

    You will be in great shape with these used brick if they are the 'low duty' fire brick. My understanding is the fire brick can be manufactured to tolerate different maximum temperatures. The higher duty fire brick, although they can handle higher maximum temperatures, do not hold heat as well as the low duty fire brick. Low duty are still manufactured to accommodate any temperature you can create with a wood fire, and they hold heat better. You are building a 'retained heat' appliance, so holding heat is a good thing.

    I don't know how to confirm if you have 'low duty' fire brick. Maybe one of the others on the forum will have some clues on confirming this detail.

    Good luck with your build and do keep us posted! Remember we like pictures...



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      Re: Used fire brick

      Boiler bricks should be fine. You want to be careful of bricks used for smelters and blast furnaces, because of possible heavy metal contamination. There's probably an unused face to each brick, you may want to face that into the oven.
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        Re: Used fire brick

        Thanks for your responses. For those looking for brick. I found them on craigslist Michigan . Kalamazoo . materials they have 1000s of them coming out.