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Corner installation...

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  • Corner installation...

    I noticed that at least one member of the forum has built their oven on an existing 3 1/2" thick patio slab. The reason this interests me is that my oven location would make screeding and pouring a proper 6" slab with 2" of gravel underneath fairly heinous.

    It could be done, but the end result would be an oven that was less well insulated (I plan to stick with a lot of loose vermiculite, maybe a 1" layer of blanket if my wife approves, so a 54"x54" stand is a lot better than a 46"x61" stand due to the sides) and perhaps no stronger than a corner installation. The reason being is that an existing masonry wall with footers forms the corner. It has withstood numerous earthquakes and seems to be doing quite well. I am hesitant to screw around with its foundation just to pour another. The thought of doing a double-thick block stand to spread out the weight and increase the surface area bearing the load has also occurred.

    Now that I have thought through the steps (I wish to build a 30-31" oven), I am not particularly leaning one way or the other, but if I can avoid destabilizing the existing wall and instead use it as part of the weight-bearing apparatus -- well, that would be very nice.

    Any thoughts? One way or another I'm going to end up sinking masonry anchors and welding or tying rebar, so I have no illusions about avoiding any work :-)