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build in the winter

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  • build in the winter

    Is it ok to build oven with cold temp. will morter freeze up and not be as strong.. or wait untill spring.

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    Re: build in the winter

    Hey Sumu,

    You can build in the winter, but if any cement or mortar that you place will freeze with in the first three full days (as in 72 hours) you will want to protect it from freezing. There are several ways to protect this stuff from freezing, but the basics are to cover with an insulating blanket, and add a heat source. It doesn't need to be warm, just can't freeze.

    If the cement freezes before the majority of the moisture is cured out of the cement, it will expand, and crack the cement - now turning to concrete - and reduce or eliminate any strength in the concrete. You don't want it to freeze.

    I started my WFO build last spring, and had a few cold nights to deal with, and did cover the fresh concrete to protect from freezing. It can be done, and it adds a little bit of work... Your choice...

    Good luck with your build, and be sure to send in pictures!